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What You Need to Know When You Have A Chinese Products Case

A few times a year, when my clients request it, I go to China to evaluate a manufacturing site, solve a quality problem, or set up a new operation. I have seen some things that are astonishing and some not so pretty.

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How a China Manufacturing Expert Can Assist in Your Case

I help my clients (and the attorneys representing them) to understand the nature of doing business in the tough and tumbling and very high-energy environment of Chinese manufacturing.

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Understanding Chinese Manufacturing and What Went Wrong When Hoverboards Explode

I spend a lot of time qualifying Chinese factories, helping my clients identify new sources and resolving production and quality problems. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have seen. And when a new fad product arrives on the scene, I cannot help but wonder what might go wrong because there are plenty of things that can. Take hoverboards for example.

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Quality Fade in China

Quality Fade, the process of quality degradation over time, is the single biggest issue in low cost manufacturing countries. It happens frequently in China where manufacturing processes are immature and competitive pricing drives the profits to extremely low levels.

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