It’s the price of doing business, right? Guest Blog by Ray Asante

Far better...FDR

It’s no longer a secret that I’m making great strides in bringing manufacturing and production back to our shores. A few years ago, my colleagues in the bicycle industry laughed at the notion that it would be possible for me Continue reading

Reshoring: The Impact for Logistics Providers by Frank Lange

Labor Costs in Manufacturing

Interest in reshoring and near-shoring has more than tripled since 2010 as manufacturers scramble to adapt to shifting demand and supply patterns across the globe, according to a recent survey by the Boston Consulting Group. With China’s cost advantage eroding Continue reading

American Companies in America?

American Companies Map

American companies that produce products in America…what a concept! Buying American products isn’t a new concept, I remember growing up in the 80′s and 90′s and constantly hearing – “Buy American cars and Support America!” At the time American cars Continue reading