US-based companies anticipate reshoring 20% of their manufacturing capacity within the next 5-7 years!
Are you ready to evaluate Reshoring?


Global Supply Chain Rebalancing™ Evaluation

Rethinking where to source or manufacture is a big step for any company and must be completely and carefully examined. How do you know if the time is right for you to reshoring some of your manufacturing? Our Global Supply Chain Rebalancing™ Evaluation helps you assess:

  • Global manufacturing capacity
  • New manufacturing technologies
  • Global sourcing and procurement
  • IP protection and strategies

We recognize that your company is unique, so we take a multi‐faceted approach to evaluating your business needs against the many global manufacturing options. We consider many aspects of your business including the current operations, potential alternatives and your strategic direction as defined by your leadership team.

We analyze components of the Global Supply Chain for balance:

Global manufacturing isn’t just about labor costs, operating costs and tax implications.

Global manufacturing balance considers:

  • Current target markets
  • Market customization and localization needs
  • Products you produce in each region
  • Supply base of products to markets
  • Speed to market
  • Introduction of new products
  • Trade compliance requirements


  • What incentives are available to bring some of your manufacturing back to the US
  • How your company is perceived in the marketplace

The evaluation determines the potential for savings, increased speed to market, enhanced product innovation and upgraded service.

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