The Reshoring Institute Unveiled

We started working on Reshoring not just because it's the right thing to do but because we didn't see a future:a future for not only our grandchildren but also our country.  It's hard to imagine a prosperous future if most…

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Reflections on Failure

Failure is hard.  Hard to admit, hard to accept and hard to reflect on.. Last month we discussed how to avoid the pitfalls of reshoring.  We used "pitfalls" as a kind way to say "How Not to Fail" but really…

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STEM – Science is Cool Again

Growing up the 3R's were Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  When looking for an image for this blog I realized that the current 3R's are Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Those make more sense than original but for sake of this discussion…

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China – It’s in the Cards

I love it when today's politics and current events end up in popular television.  I recently finished the second season of Netflix's House of Cards and my ears always perked up when I heard them mention China.  We emphasize Reshoring…

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